Skin & Nasal Antiseptic

Skin & Nasal Antiseptic

Every time we venture out, infectious organisms such as Staphylococcus Aureus, Candida Auris, and human coronaviruses look for ways infiltrate our bodies. There pathogens saturate the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch… finding ways to block their entry over extended periods of time is the first step toward effective infection prevention. Hexagen® Skin and Nasal Antiseptic is the same, long-trusted, FDA-cleared formula used daily for chronic wound care now available for use in first aid and infection control.

Hexagen Skin & Nasal Antiseptic has a wide spectrum of effectiveness against bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and viruses, even human coronaviruses. These organisms are not just threats to our skin, but tend to target the nasal epithelium, where they find a happy home to grow and multiply, which can lead to illness. Scientists in published literature have determined that coronavirus replicate and enter through cells in the nose. By implementing something as simple as antiseptic decolonization with an extended-wear formula such as Hexagen Skin & Nasal Antiseptic, these organisms are stopped in their tracks before replication reaches critical mass.

Unlike antiquated topical antibiotics, Hexagen shows no studied resistance to pathogenic organisms. Unlike harsh, liquid antiseptics such as betadine or alcohol, Hexagen’s soothing petrolatum-base provides extended-wear time (6-8 hours) and does not damage fragile, healing tissue. It is the ideal balance of power and gentleness.

Product Highlights


Hexagen® Skin & Nasal Antiseptic is indicated for the treatment and protection of both skin and nasal surfaces.

Nasal Decolonization

Watch the video to see a demonstration on how to use Hexagen® for nasal decolonization.

Instructions: Apply a peanut sized amount onto a sterile swab and insert into nostril, rotating 10-15 seconds to cover all inside surfaces, including tip of nostril. Discard swab. Repeat procedure for second nostril using a new sterile swab.

Our Impact

Our formula has recently received promising data supporting its effectiveness as a nasal decolonizing agent against human coronavirus. Given this data and our many years of safety and efficacy in human use, Turn Therapeutics® has filed for Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) as a medical countermeasure in the fight against Covid-19.

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