Ideal Healing

Hexagen® permits the body to heal at its maximum potential.

Fighting With You
Not Against You

Hexagen’s patented formula targets and eliminates disease causing organisms without sacrificing healthy, local cells.




Broad-spectrum bioburden protection against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts

Unmatched Technology

Hexagen uses a first-of-its-kind, petrolatum-based, liquid-in-oil suspension technology that quite literally fuses liquid and oil. Active biocidal ingredients are permanently suspended in liquid nanodroplets within the petrolatum and penetrate tissue with minimal insult.

  • PermaFusion® – Patented delivery technology penetrates tissue 
  • Incorporates quaternary ammonias for antimicrobial protection – Wide spectrum of effectiveness against known disease causing organisms with no documented resistance
  • Petrolatum base – protects wounds/tissue and prevents subsequent dressing adherence

One Formula,
Multiple Uses

Our foundational Hexagen formula has been shown to gently and effectively eliminate a broad spectrum of pathogens, creating flexibility in terms of indications and a wide range of applicability.. This has led to the achievement of multiple FDA clearances for indications ranging from chronic wound management to dermatitis.